Dub Days

Excited vs. Nervous

How closely related are the two??

In my non-professional, professional opinion I resolve that they are very closely related.

Case in point:

I’ve not been happy doing what I’ve been doing for a while. It’s gradually brought me down. It hasn’t been a straight slope down, there have been times that I tried to embrace it and be proud of what I was doing but it never stuck. While I am a bit proud of being able to succeed in a career, I knew nothing about going into, it’s a career I never cared about going into.

My motivation in the beginning was that I needed the job, the money, the insurance. I must figure it out and do it. Be good enough at it. I did it. I did it and then I realized I didn’t want to do it. I did it for the necessities and that was all. Then I felt I was too far in; I’d done it for too long to do anything else. Depression creeped in; resentment set in. Motivation lost, I conceded to this being it.

I don’t know exactly when I went from not being motivated for the company I was at, to not being motivated period, but it happened. It happened and it was apparently obvious. Even with my husband commenting here and there about my wellbeing, or lack thereof, I’d just shrug or laugh it off and push it off to another day. The days piled up.

While my sad, unfulfilled days piled up I never wanted my husband to have days like mine. To my dismay, I must’ve lost that somewhere. I must have to have received the reaction I did from him today after simply delivering invoices to customers. I know I’ve asked if I could in the past, maybe not specifically, but generally…how can I help? I know it makes him happy to not need me to help on the weekends. Maybe today was just the day we both needed to have the honest conversation that was long overdue.

He's drowning and needs me to not ask, just do it. We both want the same thing; we have the same goal and have now set a timeline/game-plan to get it.

It feels so good!! I am motivated, rejuvenated, excited and no, not nervous. I’m ready!!


The 5:00 am Club

     I was unintentionally a part of the 5AM Club today and what did I do?? I scrolled through my phone with the TV on in the background and waited until it was almost 8:00 to wake up my husband. THEN...I looked through some magazines, did some research & development and put a clear coat of polish on while I waited until breakfast was ready. My wonderful, multi-talented husband made us chicken fried steak and eggs with gravy AND buttered toast!! I know I am a very lucky girl!

     Now, I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure that's not what the 5AM Club is all about...yea, I'll throw myself out!


Dry Brush vs. Shoe Polish

     The alarm sounds at 6:30 am on a December Sunday morning. I lay in bed for a few extra minutes then concede to the fact that it's time to get up. We have a job to do, lots of errands, projects and chores as Christmas is just a few days away. 

     Of course, my husband got up right away and was in the other bathroom putting in his contacts. I forced myself up and to the bathroom to get ready. After brushing my teeth my eyes zeroed in on my dry brush. I think to myself, "It's early. I'm up and this doesn't take that long anyway. I'll do a dry brush facial workout really quickly." As I just recently received the Dry Brush in a Fab Fit Fun box I pulled up a how-to video to follow along.

     This is when my husband enters the bathroom, he stops dead in his tracks, stares at me and says, "You poor thing." shaking his head.

     I giggled asked, "what?" and continued with dry brush workout.

     From our bed, he looks over at me and says, "If I put shoe polish in that box (Fab Fit Fun) would you put that on your face too!?"

     And a round of applause goes to him! That was funny...and that was the end of dry brushing for me for the day.